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Expert knowledge in a nutshell

For over 30 years, Tosoh Bioscience has provided 
chromatography columns and media manufactured according to Japanese values and principles
. Our buying guide helps you choose the right column and solid phase for your approach by providing a wealth of background information on...

  • Main applications of the different column types
  • Method development and scale-up protocols
  • In-depth description of available columns

Why pre-packed columns are just the right choice 

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Tosoh Bioscience from Griesheim, near Darmstadt in Germany, is your expert for the analysis and purification of biomolecules in the laboratory and in manufacturing.

Our chromatography columns and media are produced according to Japanese values and principles. This guarantees the highest possible quality and reliability over many years.

Sharing our expertise with individual customers is our top priority. This is appreciated particularly by users in pharma and biotech.

Free buying guide

How to save time and money using pre-packed columns in your project?

  • Validated packing procedures lead to highly reproducible results for your project
  • Quality controlled and ready-to-use they save precious time 
  • Each column is a representative scale-down model of a corresponding production scale column for seamless scalability 
  • Available with short delivery times, increasing your operational flexibility

Accelerate resin screening, method development and scale-up

SkillPak pre-packed chromatography columns are designed for your purification and separation tasks from platform design to pilot scale. While SkillPak 1 and 5 (7 mm ID × 2.5 cm L and 8 mm ID × 10 cm L) are designed for fast resin screening, method development, or sample concentration, the new SkillPak 50 (2.5 cm ID x 10 cm L) and 200 (5.0 cm ID x 10 cm L) allow seamless scale-up of these methods.

SkillPak columns are ready to use and show excellent physical strength and ideal flow characteristics for downstream processing. Pre-packed with TOYOPEARL and TSKgel affinity, anion and cation exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and gel filtration media, these columns deliver superior purification of biomolecules, such as proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and oligonucleotides.

These columns guarantee optimal performance and can be operated with common low or medium pressure liquid chromatography systems. They are reproducibly packed and take into account the varying compressibility of each resin. This provides an accurate representation of conditions found in full-scale columns.

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